Heartfulness Programs

These programs are conducted exclusively by volunteers, and the techniques are taught free of charge to participants. Our dedicated volunteers, many of whom are professionals, donate their time and talent and cover their own expenses. Your donation will support our programs in schools, universities and colleges, corporates, hospitals and villages in more than 130 countries, as well as to any interested groups and communities.

Donations of any size make it possible for us to change lives by teaching the Heartfulness techniques and offering various initiatives to communities around the world.

Construction and Upkeep of the World’s Largest
self-sustainable Meditation Center

This initiative is towards supporting and covering large expenses in Kanha Shanti Vanam, the world headquarters of the Heartfulness Movement near Hyderabad. These include the construction of various state-of-the-art facilities, accommodation and food for thousands of practitioners visiting throughout the year, and maintenance of all facilities.

Additionally, this fund also supports the financing of forestation, plantation, tissue culture labs to cultivate endangered species, and water conservation efforts in Kanha Shanti Vanam.


COVID-19 Relief Efforts:

The Heartfulness organizations are sparing no efforts in mitigating this massive challenge by addressing food shortages, pandemic stress, and infrastructural support. Across many cities, towns and villages, we are offering various means of support. Some of the ongoing, expanding services offered by us are:


Food Services in India:

Heartfulness Centres have pooled funds from local communities and have quickly improvised ‘Food Drives’ to affected groups, with the support of the Government and in some cases at the Government’s request.

Thousands of people are being fed daily (sometimes up to 50,000) and provided with food packets, ration and supplies across the country, including Kanha Village near Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Tiruppur, Tirupati and Lucknow. In Hyderabad alone, close to 10,000 food packets are being given daily to the Office of the Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad, Government of Telangana, for distribution.

Beneficiaries of this outreach include displaced migrants as well as labourers who have lost their daily wages under the lockdown.

Essential Kits

We are providing critical products like hand sanitizers, face masks, cleaning and hygiene products, as well as medicines to volunteers and health workers in various parts of the country, to support and augment the efforts of these brave warriors in this battle against the pandemic.


COVID-19 Mobile Testing Kiosks, Fever Clinics, Disinfectant Ovens & Sanitisation Tunnels:

Along with our partnering organizations, we aim to protect the valuable lives of our frontline health workers, and build infrastructure capacity efficiently in hospitals and local communities, by procuring and supplying Mobile Kiosks and Fever Clinics, Disinfectant Ovens and Tunnels across India, through validated and tracked channels.

Old Age Shelter Homes – Wellness, Nutrition & Essential Supplies

Aimed at long-term support for the overall wellness, nutrition, supply of essential food items for the elderly at shelter homes and programmes on service through compassion for their caregivers, with the implementation support of our partners.



‘Voice That Cares’ Helpline:

Recognizing that crisis-panic and prolonged isolation can cause anxiety and reduce immunity, we have launched ‘Voice That Cares’, a 24×7 Helpline to help alleviate pandemic stress.The helpline can be accessed by dialing the toll-free number: 1800 121 3492 Dhyana.

The helpline is backed by several hundred certified Heartfulness Trainers. Their job is to respond to public calls and help relieve the emotional or mental distress of callers.


Medical Programmes:

Noticing the need for precautionary and preventive interventions in hygiene and lifestyle, our Heartfulness Continuing Medical Education team is undertaking various virtual awareness programmes. Our team of healthcare experts are volunteering their time online, to provide psychological counselling and informative webinars


Ongoing Heartfulness Practices:

Our network of thirteen thousand trainers, under the guidance of Daaji, are working with millions of practitioners around the world to provide virtual training programmes in the Heartfulness Practices. These include programmes on Relaxation, Meditation, Mental Detoxing and Rejuvenation, and Connecting Within. These sessions are available 24×7 every day on the HeartsApp or in other online meeting platforms.

We request your generous donations to fund this cause

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