Every Drop Counts

a golden opportunity

Every day, more and more people around the world are experiencing the Heartfulness practices and the incredible benefits they bring. This momentum is due to the efforts of our volunteers, in giving both their time and resources to sharing this beautiful and simple system with others.

Kanha Shanti Vanam has emerged as a world-renowned spiritual wellness center, and our outreach programs in schools, colleges, universities, corporates, governments, villages and neighborhoods have helped both children and adults to manage stress, feel inner peace, learn to regulate their minds and emotions, and live purposeful and fulfilling lives.

The number of individuals and organizations requesting our services is continually growing. In addition, when Kanha Shanti Vanam reopens, there will be an influx of more and more visitors who wish to rejuvenate and revitalize themselves. We will also restart all of our worldwide activities with renewed enthusiasm, e.g.:

- Education – this has been our most successful offering, reaching millions of school, college and university students,
- Corporations – wellness and leadership programs tailored specifically for employees at various levels,
- Government – various services at the municipal, state and national level, including training Asha, Anganwadi workers and Sarpanches at the village level,
- A Covid Relief Fund,
- The `Voice That Cares` helpline,
- Medical programs in many ashrams,

Imagine if we all participate in these efforts, no matter how small the amount! Daaji`s call for us to contribute INR 50 or $1 a day for these noble causes is still current and would make a big difference.

This is a golden opportunity to be part of the Heartfulness Movement for humanity. Please donate monthly so that we are able fund these programs. Every drop counts. Together we can make a difference, so that many more people will benefit from our voluntary services around the world.

Come, join the making of this ocean of Heartfulness!
Contribute, as every drop counts!

You may email to us at info.accounts@sahajmarg.orgor missed call (India) at +91-89395-89295 or Call toll free (india) at 1800-121-3492


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