The Green Kanha Initiative

An invitation from Daaji

“Why must we have greener Kanha?

Each time we come here, we must feel that Kanha is greener than our previous visit, just as our spiritual condition should be – better each time. I am delighted to share some excerpts from Complete Works of Param Pujya Lalaji Maharaj.

See how he conveys to us with so much passion about the trees and plants who can retain truth, the divine charge, and transmission for long durations.

Let us make Kanha Shanti Vanam the realization of his dream, by adopting as many trees as possible. “Donation to this fund is eligible for 80G exemption under the Income Tax Act, India.

From Complete Works Ram Chandra – Lalaji Volume II Page:125-126

“Rawati is a tribal area in Malwa. It has a natural beauty and I had an opportunity to go to this place to visit some of my beloved associate brothers. One of my brothers by name Dr. Krishnaswaroop was employed as government medical officer there, and Shri Heeralal and Revashankar were employees of the same hospital. They are very dear to me. At their request I went to Rawati.

The natural beauty, and the innocent people of the village were the attractions. I liked this place very much. I felt I should stay there forever. I am in the latterhalf of my life. Instead of helping people to know the grace of God and His love, this place, its trees, plants,earth, water, made me get interested in the naturalscenery. I was eager to make my dream come true of building an ashram like that of Kakabhushundi. When compared to people, such places have more power to attract one’s feelings, and have power of transmission. Such places have the capacity of protecting the Truth for a longer duration, when compared to other places.As a result, whoever comes in contact with such places cannot but be influenced. This is the reason why even today this place looks like Braj (Brindavan). Even if one looks at it from the traditional angle, one can do better sadhana here than at other places.”


X 1000

Select Package of trees
1)Neem 2)Palash 3) Tree of Heaven 4) Champaka 5) Pride of India
1) Malabar Neem 2) Bilwa: Golden Apple tree 3) Sandalwood 4) Red sanders 5) Golden Shower 6) Night Jasmine 7) Peepal 8) Shisham 9) Indian Tulip 10) Haritaki
1) 3 Neem 2) 3 Peepal 3) 3 Pride of India 4) 3 Champaka 5) 3 Ashoka
1) 5 Neem 2) 5 Indian Rosewood 3) 5 Red sanders 4) 5 Tree of Heaven 5) 5 Sandalwood

Please join this movement:

– Sponsor a sapling/tree/group of trees

– Letter of appreciation from Daaji will be sent to everyone

– Adopting mini Forests/clusters will be given recognition

– Visit your trees in Kanha Shanti Vanam!

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