A Global Community of Hearts
In the last two years, the Heartfulness Meditation Movement has seen quantum growth across the globe. Today we have
  • Over a million new meditators across 130 countries.
  • Thousands of certified volunteer instructors.
  • Over 5000 HeartSpots and over 300 retreat centers around the world where people gather to meditate.
  • Ongoing meditation training at 2,500 schools and colleges.
  • 100,000 professionals meditating in over 3,000 corporations, NGOs and government organizations

This pace of growth is expected to accelerate in the future to resonate with Daaji’s vision of making Heartfulness known and available to all households in the world. This calls for corresponding investments in facilities, infrastructure and other resources to support this unprecedented growth.


A Golden Opportunity

This is a golden opportunity to build a strong financial foundation for Heartfulness programs for the benefit of one and all.

Volunteers have consistently, generously and wholeheartedly donated their time and resources to support Heartfulness activities. This donation request is another opportunity for us to support the programs and facilities that will continue to serve people of all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds.

Please only donate willingly and within the limits of your financial means. Every amount helps, no matter how small. Funds will be put to good use, as and when they are needed .

Please note that online donations are subject to a 2% processing fee from the credit card company. So donors of large amounts are encouraged to mail a check along with this form. All donations will be tax deductible.



Heartfulness Movement

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Heartfulness Movement
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